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Modern technology has given us a more diverse life. Modern medicine has given us the freedom to enjoy it. Modern oculoplastic and aesthetics techniques can restore a youthful appearance, repair the wear and tear of daily living and reduce the effects of aging.

Dr. Reistad specializes in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic, reconstructive and rejuvenating procedures for both women and men. Selecting the center where you have your cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is as important as choosing your practitioner.

Dr. Reistad sees patients in the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley locations of Eye Center of Northern Colorado.


Our office participates in many major health insurance plans. Coverage varies with each patient and insurance company. It is important for the patient to know their benefits. Not all insurance companies will cover a non-medical office visit. Eyelid surgery, when performed primarily to address vision issues, can be a covered expense. Whereas, if eyelid surgery is done primarily for cosmetic purposes, it is not a covered benefit.

Our staff will assist you in determining whether your insurance is accepted by Eye Center of Northern Colorado and whether the procedure you desire is likely to be covered by your insurance.

People visiting our office are greeted by our friendly staff who are committed to making your visit and your surgical visit as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

Feel free to call us regarding the type of procedure and your plan at (970) 221-2222.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only a very small percentage of physicians performing plastic surgery are specifically trained as oculofacial plastic surgeons. Many of Dr. Reistad’s patients have been referred to him by other doctors since facial cosmetic or reconstructive procedures usually involve the eyes or the areas around the eyes and can impact vision.

Other procedures such as the application of Botox® and dermal fillers likewise depend on a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy for a successful treatment and the best outcome. Dr. Reistad performs all Botox® and filler treatments personally.

No. Some cosmetic treatments such as eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping and coloring and skin cleansing and moisturizing are purely superficial treatments that can even be done at home.

Repair of stretched eyelid tendons, reduction of lower-lid fat pads and precise treatment of the muscle groups that cause creases and wrinkles, and restoration of the skin’s suppleness and contour, require specialized medical knowledge to ensure the best outcomes.

Many of Dr. Reistad’s patients comment that the procedure didn’t bother them at all and that it was much more comfortable than expected. Healing after cosmetic or reconstructive surgery can be rapid, with some minor inconvenience depending on the type of procedure. Most patients insist that the benefits of a more youthful and relaxed appearance far outweigh any temporary discomfort.

Some are and some aren’t, depending on the type of procedure and the insurance plan. Many eyelid procedures are covered as they can impact one’s quality of vision; others are not as they are performed for the purposes of improving appearance. Many patients choose to finance their surgical costs with CareCredit®. CareCredit® offers many 0% interest plans for a reasonable monthly payment. Your surgical counselor will be happy to review financing options available.